Bufete Feliu, probably one of the most charismatic law firms in the Balearic Islands, was founded in the year 1929 by Mr. José Feliu Roselló. Since its foundation, it has been characterized for following family principles. It has, nevertheless, always known how to adapt itself to the demands of each moment. Precisely in view of such demands and, in particular, with the aim of adapting ourselves to the law “Ley 2/2007” of March 15th governing Professional Companies, Bufete Feliu, S.A. changed its corporate activity in February 2008 to the specialized leasing of premises to lawyers and consultants. Among the special services that our tenants receive from us, we include: reception and client service in different languages, both by telephone and in person, board rooms, data bases, electronic mail services, fax, internet, conveyance, IT, etc. The professionals who are currently working in our offices are indicated in the left margin of this page.

Bufete Feliu, S.A., is not responsible for the services rendered by any one of the professionals who are renting our premises, as our corporate activities are legally different and are completely independent from one another.

Paseo Mallorca, 2. 07012 Palma de Mallorca. Baleares. España.Tels. +34 971 71 48 49/50/51 · +34 971 71 32 87 · fax. +34 971 72 15 46